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Random observations on the passing lunch scene:<ul><li>I ate at Chick Fil-A again today (breakfast and lunch) because I had two free chicken sandwich coupons that expire tomorrow. As I’m leaving, the door greeter hands me another free sandwich coupon. If this continues, I’m going to be eating Chick Fil-A sandwiches all next week. Not the worst fate possible, but it could become habit-forming.</li><li>The lines, drive-thru, and crowds at today’s lunch were not noticeably diminished. I wonder if this will continue past tomorrow’s coupon expiration or if this is a heretofore-unfulfilled appetite for chicken by Scottsdalians. I sure hope it’ll pass soon because if this is the experience every time I want to eat there, I’m not sure I’ll bother. Parking half-a-block away and waiting in line is a waste of my precious lunch time.</li><li>They had a cow mascot accosting cars in the drive-thru. Oh sure, they’d probably call it promoting Chick Fil-A, but who are they kidding? The guy in the cow suit was dancing up a storm and made me laugh out loud with his (or her) antics. I wonder if his (or her) enthusiasm will diminish as the heat wears on. I picture a cow sitting on the edge of a light pole holding its head in its hands and looking down. Will that promote sales? Or will the Chick Fil-A cow overlords have mercy on that poor soul?</li><li>The Super Wal-Mart in the Scottsdale Airpark has a whole rack (approximately six or seven shelves) of Mormon literature in its religion area. Is Scottsdale a bastion of Mormons? I never knew. I do know enough, however, to know that Wal-Mart does nothing capriciously.</li><li>I went to Northsight Park after the eating and the errand running to just relax and read Head First Design Patterns. I saw people in the park’s parking lot listening to music, eating fast food, or talking on their cell phones with the engine on and, presumably, the air conditioning blasting. I have to wonder why they chose to park in the park when they could just as easily have stayed in the fast food restaurant’s lot or even their employers. They didn’t appear to be taking in what scenery they could see through the windshields and not one of the people I’ve seen in the last four weeks has ever gotten out. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose, but it just seems weird.</li></ul>