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Today I started development on the app I’ve been designing for the last couple weeks. I had forgotten that feeling of starting from scratch. That moment where you’re done preparing documentation and you open up VisualStudio.NET, create a new solution, and think, “What now?”

So I did what any normal developer does. I procrastinated by building out framework level stuff: logging, components, and subsystems. Then I got tired of that and actually started working on the HTML prototype. I think I’ve got the basics of a really great design.

Oh and one thing I learned that might be helpful for someone out there. If you’re trying to get log4net working and you just want a simple test to make sure everything’s working, remember that the TraceAppender is not the AspNetTraceAppender. I spent quite awhile wondering why the heck nothing came up in the trace even though log4net was showing that it was configured and all the loggers were at the levels I specified.

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