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I just got back from a short meeting with my boss. The new product that I mentioned previously has been approved for design and requirements gathering. I still can’t say anything about it.

Since my feature’s in the can and the release I was debugging is in QA (and looking good so far, I might add), my boss told me that I’ve been reassigned. As we discussed it, I was literally shaking. Okay, it was partly because his office is an ice box and I’m wearing shorts, t-shirt, and sandals but it was mostly because I was so excited. I’m busting, Jerry! Busting!

My first task is to gather requirements. That makes me a little nervous since I’ve never had to do that before. There’s templates and everything, but this is an entire freaking product!

Oh and I got my first full paycheck yesterday, which was good because I had forgotten how much these job transitions suck—financially at least. (And the other good news is that the Chick Fil-A franchise down Raintree is opening June 9th. I <3 Chick Fil-A!)

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