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As I hinted at in an earlier post, I’ve accepted a job at as a Senior .NET Engineer in the Starfield Technologies division. I start on Tuesday, May 10th and I couldn’t be more excited.

Sandi has repeatedly told me that I shouldn’t get my hopes too high, that every workplace has its flaws. But I just can’t help it: it’s a new environment and every day will be new—as opposed to every day being more of the same. I don’t know any of my colleagues at this point and I’ve searched around for any Go Daddy bloggers to little effect, so I can’t really say that my anticipation has much foundation.

Go Daddy has three great things going for it in my mind: its CEO Bob Parsons, its longevity, and its rapid growth. With an inspiring leader at the helm, it’s possible to feel like your employer has a vision and to develop a desire to help him reach it. When a company has been around for several years and is still growing at a phenomenal pace, there’s ample opportunity for advancement and personal growth.

On Tuesday, I’ll inquire as to whether there’s a blogging policy so that I might share future thoughts instead of maintaining the radio silence I’ve had for the last several years.

[UPDATE: Here’s the Go Daddy bloggers I’ve been able to find in my searches:

Marc Gawith ModBlog, Paul Hahn, Geek Refuge, My Journal or Something, intraa dot net, cliffud, Dylan Baxter]

[UPDATE (5/20/2005): Found another one:]

[NOTE: The views expressed on this website/weblog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Go Daddy Software, Inc.]