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<ul><li>I got some change back from my usual Rooster Booster Lite refill at QuikTrip and in it was the new nickel. That is one beautiful coin. I’m glad that they went with the Houdon sculpture, which I’ve always loved. The buffalo on the back is even neat: it’s a great nod to the nickel’s history.</li><li>The portion of the Loop 101 that runs through Scottsdale has a reputation for being perilous. I never really believed it, but that was because my excursions into the Scottsdale portion were either short (to Scottsdale Road) or infrequent (like trips to Scottsdale Healthcare Shea). I believe it now that I was almost run off the road by someone who proceeded to make at least a dozen more lane changes before I lost sight. Inspired perhaps by this maniac, three other vehicles decided to do the exact same thing. Lots of heads were shaking.</li></ul>