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The latest As Seen on TV comments indicate why there won’t be a video iPod and where Apple is going with video distribution over the net, how he’s probably not Steve Jobs, and why Apple doesn’t care about “alpha geeks”.

He’s probably not an Apple technical writer and he got his bachelor’s in physics (Schiller got his in biology).

Yes, I’ve read every comment of his on Slashdot. I firmly believe that this is an Apple employee and this is a glimpse rarely possible, so it should be savored.

[UPDATE (5/10/2005): ASOT suggests that this patent might not be all that it appears to be.]

[UPDATE 2 (5/10/2005): Gizmodo has picked up the story quite awhile after Kottke covered it (based on an email I sent him). I’m sure dying to know who ASOT is but I share Gizmodo’s mixed feelings about publicizing his candid commentary.]

[UPDATE (5/15/2005): Christopher Allen has some great insights into some of what ASOT was intimating.]