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Today I wore some tan shorts, an MC Frontalot t-shirt, and my sandals. It felt so weird being comfortable at work, but I definitely think I’ll get used to it. I started at 6 am and was easily the first one in my whole suite, which meant that I scored the perfect parking space (and I lost it when I went to lunch).

I got the job at the perfect time because tomorrow is the Quarterly Employee Appreciation Day, which includes a speech by the president and other things.

I also got my first glimpse at the products I’m going to be developing. Once again, I was impressed at the sophistication of the designs and functionality. I, as usual, cannot go into any more detail.

Don’t worry, there is no danger of this becoming an all-Go Daddy blog. In the next few days, I’ll be busy at work with stuff that I can’t publicly discuss. I just wanted to get some first impressions out onto the Web in case anyone out there is interested in working at Go Daddy; I know that there certainly wasn’t anything like that available when I started researching the company.

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