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Yesterday marked my first week at Go Daddy. The euphoria is still going strong, though tempered by some configuration hassles. I made my first checkins yesterday, fixed my first bug, and got assigned to my first feature. It’s a global spam blacklist for the product I’m working on, so it’s a good starter project. I’m just happy that it involves me getting to work with Go Daddy’s incredible data layer. My mentor and the top developer in the department will be reviewing it and I’m thrilled because these two are very astute.

Contrary to what some jerks might say, I am very aware that there are better (and much, much better) coders out there and I am a willing apprentice. I’ve got a lot of experience in a very narrow product—that means that there’s a lot of stuff I’ve never had to do. Like most athletes, I believe that you only get better by playing with the big boys.

Oh, and the mentor I mentioned is an official relationship. Every new hire at Go Daddy gets assigned a mentor and Go Daddy pays for three lunches together wherever we want (within reason, presumably). It’s my mentor’s first time in this program so it will be a good experience for both of us.

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