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Wow, today was absolutely incredible. There was the traditional fumbling awkwardness of getting everything set up but, by and large, Go Daddy really has its act together. I can’t go into specifics—naturally—but its philosophy of rolling their own apps makes for some excellent integration and sophisticated functionality.

I was also surprised about how serious Go Daddy is about security. Without going into specifics, Go Daddy is 10x more serious about information and physical security than any financial institution at which I’ve ever worked. This isn’t a knock on any major financial institutions, but more a testament to how impressed I was at Go Daddy.

I can’t talk about the products I’m working on because I don’t know much at this point and also because I can’t. One of them is an established product and the other is an unannounced one that I especially can’t discuss. Sorry, but I’d like to have a second day.

Finally, it looks like I’m going to be working with a great group of people. If their first impressions are representative, I think I’m gonna like it here (to paraphrase Annie). It doesn’t hurt that the dress code is very casual: shorts, t-shirt, and sandals are de rigueur! It’s very true that you’re more productive when you’re relaxed.

Their blogging policy requires the notice below and for me to refrain from disclosing sensitive information of any kind. I’ll run this entry by my boss tomorrow and make sure that I’m reading things correctly.

[NOTE: The views expressed on this website/weblog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Go Daddy Software, Inc.]