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Now that I work in the Scottsdale Airpark, I figured that today was the day to start exploring. My previous place of employment was in a prime area to wander around because Papago Park was nearby and the Salt River riverbed was within walking distance.

The airpark, on the other hand, is pretty landlocked and commercial. I figured I’d at least get to see some interesting artifacts of the human environment. That was nice, but not fifty yards from my building did I stumble upon my first discovery.

Awesome dirt! It’s probably an odd quirk of mine—growing up as an adventurous boy in the desert—but I love dirt. My favorite kind of dirt is the powdery stuff; you know, the dirt that has the consistency of powdered sugar or flour. Because I was at work, I opted not to scoop it up but it gave me some pause.

After about a block of walking, I chanced upon a Scottsdale municipal park. And it wouldn’t be a Scottsdale park without a horse trail and some lumbering equines. I couldn’t believe my luck in finding the place and so I proceeded, Phoebe-style, to run at full tilt across the park’s expanse. I checked out the playground for future family gatherings and watched some squirrels frolic.

All in a half an hour. Good times.