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I know I said that I was going to take a hiatus, but I think that this comment and this comment on the Slashdot story about Tiger’s new features deserves the widest currency possible. The commenter, As Seen on TV, is an Apple employee that has been pretty active on Slashdot for awhile.

Those two comments describe Apple projects that exist in their R&D labs now and might make their way into future products and OS X versions. Hot damn!

[UPDATE: Found another interesting comment about a new startup method that cuts boot time by 50%.]

[UPDATE (4/27/05): Man, I can’t believe how many times a day I check this guy’s comments. It’s incredibly fascinating, like this comment on Steve Jobs’ deserved assholiness. With all the attention paid to rumors and speculation, I can’t believe that this isn’t more widely reported. I told Kottke, I told MacRumors. I don’t know who else to tell. I mean this iPhoto comment is rumor mill gold, Jerry.]

[UPDATE 2 (4/27/05): Here’s more detail about launchd, the startup method in the first update.]

[UPDATE 3 (4/27/05): Here’s a great response to why the Apple rumor mill is so damaging.]

[UPDATE (4/28/05): Here’s ASOT regarding Linux “innovation”. HINT: he hasn’t seen any.]

[UPDATE 2 (4/28/05): He’s admittedly not Steve Jobs but I can’t figure out who he could be. His knowledge is wide and fairly deep, but he’s seen demos in the R&D lab and been privy to some pretty high-level decision making. It’s fascinating.]