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I decided to go to the Phoenix Zoo on my lunch hour today to do some rollerblading. It’s been awhile because I’ve been busy with work and running errands on my lunch hours. It felt good to strap on the ol’ inline skates again and skate hard for about an hour.

While there I discovered that there are two new lions in the lion enclosure. This is huge news because the single resident of the enclosure, Pima, was widowed when her lion life partner (are lion marriages legal in Arizona? It’s hard to keep track) died a few years back. They look like they’re pretty comfortable in there: they’re laying around—note how I omitted the obvious pun—just like Pima always does.

The other cool thing that I did was something that I’d always wanted to do but never got up the nerve: grabbing hold of the safari train and hitching a ride. I only went up one hill because then the train stopped (I don’t think on my account) and people got out to take photographs. The kids in the back rows enjoyed my crouching, that’s for sure.