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Yesterday, we got a shredder at work. “Woohoo,” you’re thinking. You would be right if there wasn’t any sarcasm in that thought. This is one bad-ass, killer shredder! It can cut 15 pages of paper at a time, CDs, DVDs, staples, paper clips, mouse pads, folded interoffice envelopes, paper cups, Post-It notes, and MSDN CDs (in their plastic sleeves). It has trouble with CDs in cardboard cases and those plastic CD cases.

Of course, it’s only rated for the first four objects but you can’t just limit a shredder that powerful to what it’s supposed to shred. It just begs for experimentation. My boss is basically okay with this, so long as we don’t ruin the shredder.

So I’m looking for some interesting items for serious shredder treatment that won’t make it overheat. I’m contemplating putting this tinselly garland rope through it, but that’ll have to wait until after Christmas. Got any ideas?