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I’m evaluating WordPress for my family web site and I am amazed (read: incredulous) that it can’t handle multiple blogs from a single interface. All other blogging tools can do that. I am currently using MovableType as a convenient CMS using one blog per section of my site. It makes it very easy to edit my site from anywhere, but it still requires MT’s rebuild whenever content changes.

So WordPress is not going to work for my blogging needs. I want one admin interface to rule them all; I don’t want to go here for general site maintenance and to different WP installations for each of my separate blogs. Sorry, guys, that’s a deal breaker. It looks like a great piece of software otherwise.

[UPDATE: After evaluating a bunch of different systems, I think I’ve decided on Blog:CMS as my content management system. It’s a very robust, mature web application that has about all the features I could desire with an extensible architecture for the ones that it doesn’t have out of the box. I’m still working out the kinks in the system because my goal is to have this entire site consisting of thousands of pages manageable through a web interface.

Steve brought up a good point about how to hack WordPress to do what I need it to do. I have no doubt that his idea would work, but it doesn’t feel right to me. It’s shoehorning a site hierarchy into WordPress’s limitations. Granted, these limitations will be eliminated in a future version but it’s currently just a hack. I want my site to use a CMS as it was intended so that it will work in the future without re-tweaking to revise the hacking.]