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Steve, you had me at 10.4.

[UPDATE: There are going to be a lot of widget makers throwing hissy fits today.]

[UPDATE 2: Core Image looks awesome. It figures that the iBook G4’s video card isn’t supported. That’s me, always one step behind on the cutting edge.]

[UPDATE 3: Ooo, I also heart the snarkiness.]

[UPDATE 4: Oh, and lost in the shuffle is 10.4 Server. Includes mobile home directories, iChat server, and weblog server. Umm, details on that last one, please?]

[UPDATE 5: Someone over at Slashdot pointed out that the Dashboard stock quote widget has every company up except Microsoft. Apple’s legendary attention to detail even applies to sniping competitors.]

[UPDATE 6 (7/4/04): Great googly moogly!]