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FireFox 0.9 is out now and it seems like a pretty solid release. Unfortunately, it disables all of your old extensions and makes you re-install them. That’s normally a pain, but I see it as a chance to reevaluate some of the cruft and detritus that gets installed on a lark.

And that’s a good thing because doing it led me to discover Chris Pederick’s Web Developer extension. I couldn’t possibly do it justice by explaining its features or pointing at specific screenshots. You need to go there and read through the site. Or, better still, install it into your FireFox.

Don’t have FireFox? What are you, an Internet Explorer user? Ditch that virus-ridden, stagnant crap and get a real browser. Makes me wish that OmniWeb, my favorite browser, had gone with Gecko/Mozilla like it was originally planning. Oh well.