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I apologize for the state of this site’s feeds. I hadn’t looked at them in Shrook lately and so I didn’t see that they were being presented in escaped XML with excerpts only. Bleh. So I put in the HTML and made them full entries again. I also noticed that a lot of people never switched away from the old index_rss.xml feeds from my Blogger Pro days, so I replaced the “Moved” feed with a live RSS one since a lot of people were obviously not switching.

Also, I recommend ditching my Atom feed if you’re subscribed. I can’t get it to display anything but an excerpt of the entry and I can’t get it to unescape the XML or show any HTML, despite reviewing the specification. It seems like it should work, but the aggregator keeps saying that it’s bad XML. I’ll delete the feed entirely in a few days, after everyone’s had an opportunity to switch.