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You may have noticed some funkiness in these blogs today (and maybe last night, I can’t remember when I started). You may also have noticed that there’s no Blogger badge at the bottom. These two facts are related.

bblog is now a MovableType blog. Why? Well, Blosxom was super cool but it didn’t really meet my needs, WordPress was super cool but it doesn’t work on non-Apache servers, and there wasn’t really any other options for me out there.

I wouldn’t trust the permalinks just yet because I’m going to be breaking the hell out of them this week. I’m not a big fan of the sequential archives, but I don’t know—at this point—how to change to a better organization scheme. I’ll let you know when everything is non-funky again.

[UPDATE (5/10/04): Any comments that you left at the old bblog are history. MT doesn’t have any sort of comment import functionality: I just put in one comment manually and decided that I’ve got better things to do. If you’re fanatical that your comment be preserved for posterity, drop me a line, get a life, or manually re-add it. Your choice.]