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So I finally made it into the Gmail beta test program. I was very concerned that I wasn’t going to get my favorite userid, “bbrown,” and would be forced to choose something like “bill-brown” or “bbrown1.”

Now that I’ve got it, I’m starting to see why people are underwhelmed. I’ve got three active domains right now, all of which have passable webmail facilities. I don’t see myself having a canonical email address that isn’t off of one of those domains. The closest I ever came to such an address is my b-b-r-o-w-n_a-t_—screw it, it gets so much spam as it is that I don’t need to be sekr1t1ve— address. Right now it just forwards to my dial-up account’s box, but I don’t really give it out anymore since I created

That being said, it looks very well conceived. I like the layout and the functionality. I just wish I could think of a reason to use it.