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If you’re reading this, then your ISP has already received the new DNS instructions for UplinkEarth. It’s been a pretty smooth move and the support folks at UplinkEarth are absolutely incredible. Their responsiveness is exemplary; they’re everything I would want in a host—well, I wish SQL Server wasn’t $15 extra per month.

I’m still using Blogger to manage my blogs because I can’t find a good CFMX-based blogging engine that doesn’t require <cffile> and I can’t find a good ASP.NET application that supports MySQL. I toyed with writing my own, but that would just mean that it would never get done. So, I’m looking at Movable Type since it’s a packaged solution and it seems to have a lot of the features I desire. I’m also evaluating FarCry as a sitewide content management system. Either way, it’s going to give me a lot of bang for no bucks.