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If it seems like I’ve been remiss in my blogging, it’s probably because I’ve been hard at work on Vanishing Phoenix, my new site devoted to Phoenix history. I’ve been working on amassing content on my lunch hours, so it’s been pretty slow progress and I don’t officially have anything done except the forums. My goal with the site is to become a focus point for those interested in Phoenix history—a distant and perhaps lifelong quest.

Eventually, I’ll get around to developing its sister,, into everything that Vanishing Phoenix is not. Where VP covers the past as viewed through artifacts and remnants available in the present, will take a more general and academic look at Phoenix’s heritage.

It’s not really ready for prime time at this point, but I want to sic Google’s spiders on it early on so it’ll have some status when it is ready. I’ve used the Wiki format because my reach is limited—you may notice that most of the Phoenix landmarks are within an hour of my work and my home. My hope is to eventually attract a community of amateur and professional historians who will write about the periods and subjects they care about.

I’ve got a slew of other plans for future directions as well, but they’re fairly ambitious and long-term. Visit the site now, if you’d like, but stay tuned for when I’ll announce its general opening. If you’d like to join the community, drop me a line and I’ll get you set up.

[UPDATE: Oh and the site design is still in flux. I’m trying to focus on the content and will worry about the presentation as soon as I’ve got a comfortable amount of the former.]