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I had just finished typing that last entry when my browser crashed. Ugh! That’s happened many times in the past and I was dreading having to rewrite it. Luckily, I wasn’t writing it in just any browser; I was writing it in OmniWeb 5. I’ve sung its praises before, but this time it really saved my butt.

Its workspace feature saves window locations, URLs, and open tabs whenever you quit, take a snapshot, or—and this is the really applicable one right now—crash. Little did I know, it also saves text in forms at those points too.

So when I restarted OmniWeb after the crash, my two windows that I had minimized where in my Dock, my Blogger window came right up, and the post textarea was filled in with my blog entry.

Yeah, I’m sure I’ll be switching back to Safari anytime soon. OmniWeb: It Saves Your Ass!