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So I cancelled my Zettai hosting for the time being because a) I wasn’t finding the time to learn Plone/Zope and b) my host reaffirmed his desire to be a host. I downloaded Blog-CFC and was planning on converting from Blogger to it.

Yesterday, my host dropped a bombshell. He was exiting the hosting business because he just didn’t have the time to dedicate to it and it was costing him a lot of money with zero return. I completely understand, but now I’m in a quandary.

Which is where you come in. I’m looking for a hosting provider with the following requirements:<ul><li>ColdFusion MX</li><li>SQL Server/MySQL</li><li>Subdomains</li><li>Multiple domain support with graduated payments—i.e., is $24.95/month and is $10/month.</li><li>Raw log access</li><li>Reliable uptime</li></ul>I’ve looked at CrystalTech and HostMySite plans, but they don’t address the multiple domain issue. I’ve got 14 domains: 1 active, 1 that desperately needs to be created, 2 that are really burning a hole in my consciousness, 1 that’s a great business idea that’ll have to wait until after my work project, and 9 that are just cool that I’d like to develop someday. So you can see that this is a very important aspect of hosting for me.

[UPDATE: All that build up and I forgot the sales pitch. If I can find a host that offers a reasonable facsimile of the above requirements, then I will spend more time creating the web sites I mentioned and I will convert bblog, PregoBlog, and Found on the Web into non-Blogger blogs with all the beauty and power that implies. And I’ll gladly say that you referred me. Just let me know. And I’m not above getting free hosting either if you’ve got your own server and some space—I’ll gladly tell you of my bandwidth and space needs, which are very reasonable.]

[UPDATE (4/3/04): I got a number of good suggestions. Unfortunately, most of them lacked ColdFusion support and I absolutely require that. Otherwise, I would have to learn PHP and I might as well learn Python, Plone, and Zope at that point. Surfing around, I finally found what I’m looking for at Uplinkearth. It’s $24.95/month (+$4.95 for CFMX) and I get four full domains. Ten bucks more and I get ten full domains. Rock on!]