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I’d like to bring a pernicious problem to your attention in the hopes that you may a) commiserate if you too have noticed the epidemic or b) stop your vile behavior and reform immediately if you are guilty of it. The problem is rampant and non-standard capitalization and it has got to stop.

While some people are down with it and others are probably spinning in their graves, I am aghast at the notions people have of what words to capitalize. Sometimes I get the feeling that people are channelling Benjamin Franklin.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you’ve probably seen it without noticing. I wish I had that luxury. I notice and it drives me nuts. It seems that some people believe that capitalization is a largely optional exercise once you’ve left the realm of proper nouns. Their thought process amounts to “Hey, I haven’t had a capital letter lately and I’d like to emphasize this Word.” See what I did there? I arbitrarily capitalized word for the hell of it. Now imagine whole chunks of text looking like that.

People, there are rules for capitalization.