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I’ve got a pretty busy week planned, so there won’t likely be any updates on bblog or Found on the Web.

I’ve got some ASP.NET training to attend from Monday through Wednesday at Microsoft’s Phoenix office. It’s kind of a refresher on the subject since we’re getting ready to start our big project and I took the Guerilla .NET training way back in August 2003. It’s a free seminar for Microsoft’s enterprise customers, which we are in a big way. Since this is really important material, I will probably be quite focused and intent—not good conditions for blogging.

Thursday will find me back in the office, but swamped with a million things to do and a kajillion emails to wade through.

I’m taking Friday off so that I can take The Girls in for their four-month-old series of vaccinations. Blogging while taking care of those little ones is all but impossible.

So have a good week. There’s lots of other stuff out there to read. If you’re really hard up, may I suggest Practical File System Design?