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I’m excited today, not because of this—because of this. Yep, that’s right, tomorrow the public beta of OmniWeb 5 becomes available.

If you’re on Windows and have no idea of what OmniWeb is, I’m not sure I could sufficiently explain it to leave you in awe. If you’re on Mac OS X and have no idea of what OmniWeb is, you’re really missing out. Imagine Safari but with more usability and features thrown in. Yeah, it’s kinda like that. Just download it and try it out. You can keep using it for free forever, as long as you’re willing to put up with some dialog boxes recommending that you pay for a license. Or, you’ll find that you love it and that you want to fork out the $29.95 like I did.

[UPDATE (2/3/04): John Gruber shares my enthusiasm in a very insightful way.]