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I’m watching the MWSF keynote at the Apple Store Biltmore and it’s mostly just recap of 2003 so far (except the Xserve G5 and Final Cut Express 2.0—got to remember to order that upgrade). I’m sure there’s some big stuff coming since it’s only the first hour of the generally two-hour speech.

While I’m waiting for the good stuff, I’m reading tributes from computing luminaries on the twentieth anniversary of the Macintosh over at Wired News. It’s other good stuff.

[UPDATE: Didn’t have to wait long, as Steve just announced the new version of iPhoto and said that it’s “blazing fast” for up to 25,000 photos. As someone who’s got 4,000 photos, I dreaded using iPhoto because it took forever to load up and it sucked up massive amounts of memory. Can’t wait to download. Come to papa!]