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Just got a word of warning from the OmniGroup people that OmniWeb 5.0 will enter a public beta on February 2, 2004!!!

Quoth the PR lady: “We WILL, however, be showing off saved browsing sessions, updated bookmarks, page marking, improved shortcuts, site-specific preferences, and more. Oh, and a little thing called tabs that just a few (billion) people have been asking for.”

OmniWeb has been my default browser since 4.5 came out, even though I really like tabbed browsing. It just wasn’t enough to edge out shortcuts and the advanced URL completion of OmniWeb. I can’t wait to test it out!

[UPDATE: Reviewing the announcement page with a bit more scrutiny, I see that it’s going to have the ability to save state (called workspaces) as well as an integrated RSS reader. The discussion over at Macslash brings more details, including video of tabs in action. Holy cow! That tab action is sweeter than Safari.]

[UPDATE (1/1/04): More pics here and mirrors of the three videos here.]

[UPDATE 2 (1/1/04): Think Secret has a page up now.]

[UPDATE (1/5/04): Slashdot article submitted by yours truly with some interesting information. I sent it in on January 1st, but I guess it takes awhile for them to move on these things.]

[UPDATE (1/24/04): Your Mac Life has an in-booth interview and demonstration of OmniWeb 5.]

[UPDATE (1/27/04): ArsTechnica has a forum topic up that spans four pages and involves Dave Hyatt and a guy from OmniGroup. Really interesting.]