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John Siracusa has done it again with his new review of Panther over at ArsTechnica. In this thorough review, Siracusa grinds his usual metadata ax but details things not covered elsewhere:<ul><li>Panther automatically defrags files under 20MB on open.</li><li>Panther automatically moves frequently-accessed files to the faster parts of your hard drive for easier caching.</li><li>Exposé is a lot richer of a feature than looking at all the windows at once: you can do drag and drop as well as use the arrow keys to navigate.</li><li>FreeBSD has implemented a feature called “kqueue” that implements a polling substitute at the kernel level thus obviating the latency that polling creates.</li><li>Apple’s taken a courageous (insofar as marketing can be deemed courageous) leap in not continuing the faux-fur motif established in Jaguar.</li></ul>There’s lots, lots more in his review to enjoy. I recommend it highly.

[UPDATE (11/12/03): Matt Gemmell has more interesting (and obscure) Panther features over at his blog.]