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I’ve got to tell you raising two little girls aged 4 and 16 days is a whole lot of work! I thought that I’d be able to keep up this blog thing even with the two of them, but it’s harder than I thought. Do this mean that the inimitable Bill Brown is taking a hiatus? Is he going to quit blogging entirely?

What’s with the third degree? I’ve just been freakin’ busy. As the Apple Turns took a who-knows-how-many-weeks break after having just one kid. I was even able to squeeze out an entry in the midst of my announced blogging vacation.

The reason why I haven’t posted an update here or on Found on the Web is because I just haven’t been doing much surfing. Holding a baby in one arm while trying to type with the other (or even a toe when you’re trying to feed said baby) just doesn’t work as well as you’d think. As I type, Kimberly is now nestled between my legs, sleeping soundly. I’ve been catching up on work email—172 new messages in my inbox and several thousand squirreled away in folders by diligent rules—and updating a few applications (including a security update from Apple).

She’s squirming around now like she’s tired of the clack-clacking of the keyboard. In other words, computing time is over. Such is the life of a parent.