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I thought that I had already posted an entry about WhyNot and its accompanying book, but I can’t find it after looking through the archives. Damn! It’s a really cool site and the book sounds intriguing.

Tom Ehrenfeld, whose book I have mentioned, just reviewed the book in his blog. He recommends the book highly, stating that it stands out in the crowd of books about innovation. Good enough for me; added to my Wish List.

I’m an innovation and creativity junkie, reading just about anything on the subject. I like to think of myself as a creative type, but I know my limitations. I’m always sure that I’m missing something and that that something is out there for me to find and discover. I read IdeaFlow regularly, looked into TRIZ, and contemplated Taguchi.

I might be kidding myself, thinking that I’m worse off creatively than I really am. But I usually garner at least a morsel of useful information from the books I read and the sites I browse, so I guess it’s not a complete waste of time.