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I’ve used a lot of software in my computing life. I’ve used a lot of “enterprise” software as well since my employer is quite willing to purchase software to solve problems. Therefore, I think I have the ability to make the following statement:

Magic Help Desk from Network Associates is the worst piece of software I have ever seen. It is worse than I could conceive software to be. It is as if it were designed by people who hate people. It’s not just counterintuitive, it’s anti-intuitive. It assaults every user interface idiom in conventional applications as well as every one in web applications. It requires memorization of complex, arcane procedures to do even its most basic operations.

The previous version we had was wrong but basically usable. This “upgrade” we went through a year ago or so removed some basic and critical functionality or buried it under a series of obscure clicks. It almost makes me think that Network Associates charges for upgrades and downgrades since they’re obviously trying to get it both ways.

One day, I’ll try to document the process necessary to get open tickets assigned to you with screenshots. I’d do it now but I’m not at work and I can’t access the app remotely. Oh yeah, and I don’t want to ruin my weekend.