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Dave’s been on a vigorous pace lately, wound up with talk about BloggerCon and presidential candidate blogs. His puffery reminds me of an earlier entry of mine about the nature of blogging.

Remember, blogging is simply reverse-chronological ordering of HTML with optional commenting and syndication. It’s not some mystical endeavor that elevates your writing. It’s not some huge revolution that will give the masses a voice. It’s not the future of political campaigns. For all the hype that Blogger, Movable Type, and Radio Userland get, their reach is far, far exceeded by LiveJournal. Do you ever hear any of the hypesters talk up LiveJournal? Curious, that. Could it be that LiveJournal doesn’t fit the hyperbolic mold?

And that, fellow bloggers, is today’s dose of perspective.

[NOTE: I like blogging tools. It’s much easier to open a URL than to load up jEdit, make an entry, and FTP it to my server. I just don’t operate under the delusion that blogging is any greater than the sum of those parts.]

[UPDATE (10/13/03): Clemens Vasters has some additional thoughts on why BloggerCon was a failure.]