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I had my review of The Map of Innovation published on Slashdot yesterday. If you’re here because of that, welcome and thanks for visiting!

The ensuing discussion is not at all what I had hoped. I was disappointed at the level of discourse and its focus. Most of the messages were about the dot-com foolishness, a few were about Kevin O’Connor, and the rest were about how “technology is important” was a prosaic message for a book.

I was not expecting that. I reviewed the book because I thought Slashdotters would be interested in starting up their own ventures. I figured that we could have a productive discussion about practical issues of entrepreneurship, ideas for new businesses, and thoughts about innovation. I guess I was expecting too much. Those are the sorts of things that get my juices flowing.

Only one commenter shared my sentiments. It’s a lonely place, that Slashdot.