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After reading this opinion piece, I’m more annoyed than ever by George Bush and his presidency. He’s more profligate than the Democrat that preceded him with far less excuse (Reagan could at least say that the Democrats controlled Congress) and he’s a babbling idiot.

His politics are a disgusting mishmash of altruistic tendencies and self-centered cronyism. I think he is arguably the worst president of the century—Gerald Ford was at least mostly ineffective—from the perspective of presidentiality. I would definitely say that LBJ, FDR, and JFK were the worst presidents insofar as they projected the power of government into areas that were totally unwarranted.

That means that Election 2004 is going to be Dilemma 2004. Much more so than usual.

[UPDATE: I should probably stop griping since I’m just helping the terrorists.]

[UPDATE (9/17/03): More reasons to dislike the Bush administration, 525 of them to be exact.]