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After the recent Windows security blowup, Richard Forno suggests a security bulletin that Microsoft should release.

I always read the latest Windows security bulletins with a somewhat detached attitude. I’ve never experienced a Windows virus or worm. I’ve got a Windows box at home, but it’s a pretty lightly-used computer. My Windows box at work is situated behind firewalls, proxy servers, and mail servers so that I’m pretty well protected. Plus, I’m not responsible for security on our boxes—we’ve got people for that.

My Mac—currently disabled by a blackout localized to its power supply—is completely unaffected. I didn’t even get any BLASTed emails in the last hoo-ha. Maybe I don’t know many people or maybe the people I know didn’t open worm attachments. I don’t know, but I’ve only gotten a couple of emails from all of these worms and they were at work.

In other words, I largely agree with this guy.