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I’m working on a new site today: an Web presence for my in-law’s wholesale ceramics business. It’s so much more exciting than my retail ceramics studio site because its reach is potentially global instead of restricted to a particular location. Plus, it’s going to be geared towards selling ceramics on the Web so I get to do carts and order processing. I must say that it’s terribly exciting and I’ve already got the early notions of the object model sketched out. I’m doing it in CFMX because that’s what my host offers and that’s what I’m most comfortable with.

I’ve also got to finish up my revised book proposal by Monday. The project both excites and terrifies me. On the one hand, it’s a golden opportunity that fell into my lap on a subject that I really love. On the other, it’s got an accelerated timeframe and a bunch of chapters about which I don’t know very much. It’s an old saw, though, that the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. I’m confident that I can learn enough to present it well and thoroughly, but I’m not sure about the schedule. That’s the terror. I’m going to struggle through it, but it’s shaken my normal level of confidence and calm.

The point is that postings this weekend are going to be limited. If I come across something noteworthy, I’ll post it but I can’t guarantee anything. Knowing me, though, I’ll probably procrastinate like I always do. Bleh.