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Today I am taking a day off work to help my teacher wife set up her room for the new school year. It’s something I do every year and it pretty much takes up the whole day. In other words, expect no blogging and you won’t be disappointed.

If you absolutely need to read something, I’ve posted some new essays—one on Indians in the press and the other on JFK the movie—and reviews—three books: one by Cruikshank, one by Barker (this one appeared in Slashdot), and one by Deloria. Or, oh what the hell, here’s a link to an interesting article on programming that I’m winding my way through. Enjoy!

[NOTE: The reviews and essays are ones that I did for school so they’re fairly academic. I’ve got a bunch more that I am slowly putting up, but it’s tedious because I want clean markup. Gots to have the clean markup.]