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The final of OmniWeb 4.5 is out! It’s one sweet release and has been my default browser since an early sneaky peek.

Why use OmniWeb instead of Safari? Did OmniWeb all of a sudden get tabs? Oh, young browser snake, there is more to a browser than tabs. Let’s see: shortcuts, drawer-based bookmarks, subscriptions, download manager, page info, syntax coloring in view source, WebCore, image blocking, and so freaking much more. If OmniWeb had tabs, then I would declare it the ultimate browser. I hear that they’re planned for 5.0.

Color me waiting for 5.0!

[UPDATE (8/8/03): The inevitable Slashdot discussion ensues, attended by an OmniGroup employee with CVS access. Someone else notes a difference between OmniWeb’s and Safari’s rendering of the opening quotation mark on this page. Sweet!]