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While watching the X Games last night, I saw a commercial for Joe Boxer that I hadn’t seen before that featured a dancing, ebullient Vaughn Lowery. I had seen him in a previous commercial and enjoyed it thoroughly, but had forgotten about his mesmerizing style until now. If you haven’t seen it, it’s quite hypnotic. I rewound TiVo two or three times, cracking up louder each take.

How did they come up with this dance, now called the “Joe Boxer Boogie”? According to Lowery’s account of the audition,<blockquote>I just pulled down my pants, I went in and they played some music and I did my thing. We did 25 takes of it, non-stop, and all the dances I choreographed myself. —TVAcres</blockquote>I’m sure that’s exactly how many porn stars started out as well.