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When the DevelopMentor guys said that the food in this class was like a cruise, everyone chuckled. I understand why they said that, couple the buffet-style meals and rich food with the sitting on your keister for about 10 hours a day and you’ve pretty much defined cruising. Only without the walking around the decks and up and down the stairs.

In an effort to combat the first day’s excessive eating (excessive is probably not strong enough: I porked out), I am exercising self-restraint—as much as I can without my wife’s assistance—and finishing off my meals with exercise in the hotel’s gym. Yesterday I hopped on the treadmill three separate times for about 10-15 minutes and this morning I woke up early and did a more vigorous workout. It feels really good, even though I won’t be able to continue doing it when I get back home since the Phoenix heat (even as early as I get up) precludes much outdoor exercise for me.

Class has been going along swimmingly; it really feels like I’ve been here a week and this is the third day of class! Here’s what we’ve covered so far:<ul><li>.NET Architecture</li><li>Managed Type Fundamentals</li><li>Objects, Values, and Memory</li><li>Reflection and Attributes</li><li>Delegates and Events</li><li>Asynchronous Execution (aka Multithreading)</li><li>Assemblies</li></ul>
That’s plenty more than I’ve had in other week-long courses. While I don’t necessarily agree with some of the subject choices or the way they’ve taught them, I’ve got to give credit to DevelopMentor for packing in the instruction.

Today is Windows Forms, code access security, XML processing, and ADO.NET, which sounds like a jam-packed day. Plus, we’re going to Redondo Beach for lunch so we can see the daylight for longer than a break!