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After reading this article on Microsoft considering installing updates automatically, I’m glad that I use a Macintosh. This paragraph reminds me of the Slashdot story about Microsoft saying that half of all Windows crashes were caused by third-party code that was entitled “Microsoft Code at Fault for Half of all Windows Crashes”:<blockquote>“The feedback we got when we did XP a few years ago was ‘I don’t want Microsoft automatically putting things onto my machine,’ “ Nash [vice president of security at Microsoft] said. “What we’re finding now is that through a combination of the availability of broadband and customers wanting to stay up to date with security patches, and, most importantly, considering the kinds of threats out there now, that customers want us to keep them up to date automatically—not just by downloading the patches for them but installing them as well.”</blockquote>
Threats out there now? You mean the ones that your company allowed? Oh yeah, installing patches automatically is such a great idea. Especially since Microsoft has never released a buggy patch.