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We’re in the throes of a full-on gas shortage in Phoenix. I don’t what it’s like elsewhere in the country, but here there’s tons of gas stations that have no gas. Everywhere, you find long lines at the stations that do have some. Gas prices are predictably soaring: a co-worker reported that he saw gas for $4.00 a gallon at one station. I’ve only seen $2.00+ a gallon myself, but I don’t disbelieve him.

One of my co-workers is sitting at home right now since he can’t find a station that has any gas left. He waited at one for a long, long time but they ran out of gas before he got to a pump.

The reason, if it’s not being reported nationally, is that one of our two pipelines burst and repairs are taking forever (something about safety). Unfortunately, the one that burst was the one that was running at 100% capacity—the other one was humming along at 30%. The Arizona Republic has all the news.

My family hasn’t been hit hard yet because we both filled up right before the pipeline went down. I’ve got half a tank and Sandi’s got less than a quarter (but she drives one block to work each day). Though the QuikTrip has been out of gas for awhile, there are three other gas stations close by that appear to have gas (if the long lines are an indicator). I’ll just have to go late at night when the lines should be shorter.