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The Valleywide gas shortage I talked about earlier is getting closer to the Bill Brown Information Center as the Durango’s got the flashing gas indicator beeping and the Camry edges toward the quarter-tank level.

As I was driving home from work, I came across our local Diamond Shamrock and there was a huge line to make a right at the light—only they weren’t making a right turn. There were easily 50 or 60 cars lined up on the road to even get the chance to enter the gas station’s area! The three other gas stations that I thought would supply my refined oil needs have given up all of their gasoline.

Which means that my evening will be full of finding a station and waiting. And waiting. I’m going to go really late so that the waiting will be less, but there’s going to be waiting. And I hate waiting. Especially when there’s no ambient wireless.

Is the news in your area conveying our plight at all? Let me know.