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WorldNet Daily reports that an official in the Department of Energy was awarded $13,000 after and $7,500 before sending an intelligence report to Congress detailing Iraq’s nuclear weapons program over the “objections of Energy’s nuclear weapons research labs and senior members of his own staff.” The report was vital to the conclusion that Iraq had resuscitated its nuclear-weapons program because Energy is “viewed as the final arbiter of technical disputes regarding nuclear-proliferation issues.”

The $13,000 bonus was said to be for “exceeding performance expectations.” Absolutely repulsive. I cannot believe some of the things I’m hearing. I voted for Bush in 2000—I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Al “Earth in the Balance” Gore even though I viewed Bush’s compassionate conservatism as a milquetoasty socialism. I sure hope the Republican Party doesn’t automatically nominate Bush in 2004 so that there might be some choice, but I doubt it.

At the rate these allegations are coming up, I may have to seriously investigate Perot if he runs. I couldn’t vote for a Democrat again (I voted for Clinton in 1992 because I, in my youth, believed that Clinton would bring about the downfall of the Democrats better than George Bush. Actually, I can’t remember exactly what I was thinking but that was the gist of it.) and Perot is seeming less and less crazy every day.