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A new review of Citizen Kane over at Kuro5hin makes the movie sound a lot more interesting than I thought it was when I saw it. Attention, TiVo, please record Citizen Kane if it’s on TCM. Thank you.

[UPDATE: Great comment in an Amazon book review:]<blockquote>Of all Hollywood’s sins (and I retain in memory a cross-indexed catalogue of them), the fact that even when Welles started getting “lifetime achievement” accolades, he still couldn’t get any financing for his movie projects, on which he worked until his last days, leaves the bitterest taste in my mouth. There must be certain people destined to the lowest rungs of hell—or at least purgatory—for creating a world in which Orson Welles’ last paid acting role was as the voice of the evil planet in a “Transformers” movie.</blockquote>