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Another awesome entry from Eric Sink today: this one’s on what he terms career calculus. It suggests that you should focus on the things you can affect in furthering your career.

In his view, the only thing you can change is learning. By focusing on continuous learning—or that annoying buzzword “lifelong learning”—you can soar ahead of your peers, who are presumably sitting on their hands doing diddly-squat. (I would inject some poignant examples at this point, except that I suspect my co-workers might read them.)

He’s definitely correct in his conclusions and evaluations, but isn’t this common knowledge? Isn’t knowledge power? Perhaps I’m being naïve, but I thought this was the way to get ahead. I had a period where I was very stagnant in my learning, but that’s long past—thankfully.

For me, Eric’s article is a reminder to never dawdle or tread water. Keep on swimming, Bill! The future is yours.