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Today is a milestone in the annals of bblog history. I’ve now been bblogging for one year, though I created bblog in March 2000 and never did anything with it. When I started bblog, I had been doing Found on the Web for nine months already. I think I created bblog because Found on the Web wasn’t satisfying my blogging desires. Sure, I posted a lot of interesting sites but my commentary was designed to entertain, not reflect. Plus, I was severely limited in the stuff that I could post there since I didn’t want to besmirch Painting in the Park’s tagline as “Phoenix’s Family Pottery Studio.”

Now I can do that thing where I highlight something I said last year on this day. Enh. That seems like a cheap way to get an entry out, much like this one. As an interesting statistic, has moved from 159 page views that first month of bblog (most likely they were me looking at how bblog looked) to nearly 8,800 page views last month! Analog doesn’t track visitors—it considers visitors to be a fundamentally untrackable phenomenon, a point with which I agree—so I don’t know how many actual people visited but I’m sure it’s a lot.

To all of the my readers (hey Steve and Larry), thanks for stopping by and I hope that you’ve found my writing crisp and interesting and my links useful. Here’s to the next year!