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Two informative articles on Kuro5hin today: “Low Carbohydrate Diets: Revolution or Quackery?” and “Selling cars in the U.S. - the inside scoop”.

I’ve long been skeptical of Atkins’ Diet. It seems too good to be true. I’ve read his book; it reads like so many examples of pseudo-science couched in scientific terms. I’ve tried the diet for about a month: it made me cranky, sluggish, and I didn’t lose much weight at all. I’ve lost much more weight this year by eating less and exercising more.

Car buying sucks. I dread having to buy a new car every single time. My dream is either a) a car that lasts at least 10 years or b) a disposable car that costs $500 and lasts a year or two. One allows me to avoid the dealer for a long time and the other would allow me to avoid the dealer entirely.

[UPDATE: Eric Johnson referred to an article at where the editors hired an investigative reporter to go undercover as a car salesman. He didn’t provide a link, but I’ve found it and it’s more in-depth than the Kuro5hin one.