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I’m watching Jackass and I can’t believe my eyes. I’m no prude about these sorts of things—I am, after all, actually watching this stuff—but this stunt seems downright stupid.

The guys are swimming in the ocean looking to ride a hammerhead shark. Yes, really. They hold on to the hammerhead’s tail and try to stay on as long as possible. Okay, then they get the bright idea to chain some cut up fish to one of the guys to see if the hammerheads will attack him. He’s not in a cage. He’s not got on chain mail. He’s just swimming around with fish chained to his belt. How much would they have to pay you for you to do that? I wouldn’t do it for any amount. Bizarre!

[Note: Why do I like shows like this and Trigger Happy TV? The same reason why I like flash mobs—these things add a sense of whimsy and the ludicrous to life. People are so uptight and serious, but life is better with some levity.]